Autumn Sunset 3D Screensaver

Autumn Sunset 3D Screensaver

Autumn Sunset 3D Screensaver brings a setting sun to your desktop

Do you like watching sunsets?
Wouldn't you love being able to watch a sunset all day long?
Autumn Sunset 3D Screensaver brings a setting sun to your desktop.

This beautiful screensaver will take you to a place where you will be able to watch a magnificent sunset standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean.
In the horizon, the sun is sinking very slowly, creating shades of colors that are just unbelievable.
You will be standing next to some trees that are letting their leaves fall.
It is autumn. So the leaves will be painted in different shades of orange, brown and yellow.

The scene is so relaxing that your mind will finally rest for a while and forget about your daily routine and problems, at least for a while.

Autumn Sunset 3D Screensaver includes sound. You will be watching the beautiful view in awe, and at the same time you will be listening to the wind and to the sound of the surf below.
You will feel as if you were right there, with no one to bother you or interrupt your thoughts.

This screensaver will surely help you to relax and forget your problems.
It will soon become one of your favorites.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful and very relaxing
  • Images and sounds are great


  • It would be nice if the sun finally sank in the ocean
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